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Author Topic: Logging data to an email account  (Read 2376 times)


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Logging data to an email account
« on: Apr 28, 2012, 02:57 AM »
Basic Version 5.2 introduces a SendEmailAuto command which can be used to periodically send text and files to an email account. This opens up a lot of possibilities. You are no longer limited by the size of your sdcard.

For example you could have your Android device set to take pictures automatically and send one or more of them at a time to your email account. Then delete them from the sdcard.  You might not need to attach files. You might just log information into the body of the email.

You might want to set up a gmail account just for receiving data, since you have to hard code your email password in your Basic programs. Be careful not to exceed the size or number of email attachments allowed by your email account.

Post here to let us know how you use SendEmailAuto. That will give us ideas about how to use this feature.