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Keto Body Tone Lack of glucose can cause increased production of ketone bodies that lead to body poisoning, causing symptoms of insomnia, mood swings, physical and mental tiredness, fatigue, among many others. Leia mais The body reacts to candy consumption in many ways, and tiredness is one of them. This is because sugar metabolism is slower compared to other foods - such as fish, poultry, nuts and vegetables. Its metabolism is slower due to the structure of its molecules, making the digestive process and energy storage require more elaborate, so to speak, maneuvers. In Ayurvedic medicine, for example, it is recommended to eat sweets before salty, for this reason. And research in the West also shows that the content of what we eat is what determines the health of the body, and calorie accounting is less relevant. What happens in the body after eating too much candy is explained by Jonah Lehrer. As we consume sugar, the chemical in the brain that keeps us awake - orexin - is inhibited. Therefore, the feeling of tiredness arises when we eat a lot of sweets. Orexine, discovered in 1990, is a neurotransmitter located in the hypothalamus, from which circadian rhythm originates , and feelings of hunger and satiety. When we consume protein, the reaction in the body is different from that with sugar. Proteins, instead of inhibiting, stimulate orexin cells to make them active, and then we feel liveliness and energy, the feeling of being awake. And this happens even when little protein is consumed, even when consumed along with sugar. Here's a good tip to avoid tiredness - eat a protein-containing dessert. See also: 10 whey protein mousse recipes . Why eat too sweet? As we have seen, it is a misconception that consuming sugars (or carbohydrates, which quickly turn into sugar) will increase your energy in the long run. This happens, but for a short time. Metabolism increases with sugar intake to the point of calorie burning. Then comes the feeling of tiredness and sleep. Even so, almost every manufactured product we consume contains large amounts of sugar, except if you are buying sugar-free products, and this should be expressed on the packaging.