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Author Topic: Simple Visual Builder 1.4 the 2722 program line version.  (Read 351 times)


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Here is a 2722 program line version of the Simple Visual Builder 1.4

In this version you can place graphic images, text labels and
rectangular shape images on the display screen.  You can place
new items on screen, you can move the items around to different
locations and you can delete the items that you no longer want on screen.

Version 1.4 has all of the features of the previous versions of the
Simple Visual Builder but it take a totally different approach to
the screen layout of the main menu commands.  This version also
adds the ability to save your current work session to a file and then
load it back in and continue on at a later time.  You can have 16 different
working files going on at once.

When the program starts you should select the directory where your
graphic images are located which for now should be the graphics
directory located under the Mintoris Data directory.

The very first time you run the program you need to go to the
Save Screen function and save a file for each of the 16 file


Just save a blank screen to each of these files and the program
will create a file for each of the file names and this will avoid
a error message when you try to run the screenshot viewer
for the first time.  If a file is not there you will get an error message.
So, just create a file for each the first time that your run the program
and then after that you will not be bothered with any error messages
that relate to the files not being there.

I posted a video on youtube about this program.  I am curious to
see how many people would be interested in some type of Visual
Builder for use with Mintoris Basic.

You can take any of these Simple Visual Builder Versions 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4
and modify them anyway that you want.  I encourage you to come up with a better
Visual Builder for Mintoris Basic and make it available to the rest of the community
so that everyone can get a chance to use it to create a Mintoris Basic application.

A really good version of a Visual Builder will help to speed up the writing of
Mintoris Basic applications. 

These 5 different versions that I have written of the Simple Visual Builder will
hopefully provide a place to start when someone tries to build a better version
of a Visual Builder.  I tried to start off simple by just placing a graphic image on
the display screen and getting to where I could place new images, move the images
around on the display screen and then delete the images when they were no longer
needed.  I then tried to add a feature with each version of the Simple Visual Builder.
I added text labels next and then added rectangular shapes and then added color options
for the Background color and List Menu colors.  I then added support for working files and
a simple slideshow for saved screenshot images.  Hopefully these examples will give you
a place to start and someone can build a much better version of a Visual Builder that can
be used with Mintoris Basic.

This has been a part time hobby project for me and maybe someone who is working
full time in a programming job or has more time to devote to such a project can build
a much better version that the whole Mintoris Basic community can use to build applications with.

Below is the current version of this 2722 line program called:  SVBGui.bas