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Character Map
« on: Jul 09, 2011, 02:58 AM »
I'm sorry for being gone so long, but my work has chaos in the office and my supervisor isn't there any longer, so the normal delivery run I used to make each week has been changed to something so random I can't get a rhythm going, and theres just no time to stop and code like there was before.

Well, its been quiet around here, and I couldn't stand the crickets any longer.  So I crafted up a small character map, or charmap, utility that displays pages of Unicode characters and their associated codes, and with a touch can add them to the clipboard for your pasting pleasure ;D. It goes on the concept of character code pages of 256 characters each, and page ranges of 16 pages each. It makes the task of displaying 65536 characters a little easier and less time consuming by breaking it down into chunks.

There are three screens, one to display page ranges, another that displays all the characters of each page in the range, and the last that displays each character of a page individually, with the option to add it/them to the clipboard. At the bottom of each screen are navigation menu items for going back to the previous screen, and moving forward and backward in page ranges and pages.

The clipboard can hold as many codes as you'd like. Each clipboard entry consists of exactly what you see on the line you touch, with the hex unicode char value which you can insert directly into your code after \u (ex. if the code is 02A4, then in your code it should be \u02A4), and the decimal code in parenthesis which you can use in a chr$() function, and the character itself, which you can put directly into your basic code script, but is unadvised because of the potential to get changed during transfers such as email. If more than one code entry is on the clipboard, each will be separated by a pipe char '|', so where ever you need the characters, you can paste the clipboard and remove all the unnecessary entries and extra stuff.

Notes: If you're curious, I was using the HappyChar Free charmap from the market before I wrote this. Also, there are shadows of the title bar on my images because I'm running a pre-release gingerbread rom on my DX, and it's far from bug free.

Hope you find it useful and educational.


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Re: Character Map
« Reply #1 on: Oct 05, 2016, 04:46 AM »
Really useful and interesting.
Thank you very much, Jesse‼