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Changes in PlayAudio
« on: Apr 17, 2018, 08:14 PM »
I return with my observations.
As I do extensive programs in Mintoris Basic, I notice some details that I want to share with Chuck, why he decides if my observation is useful or not.
As we all know, sounds and music are necessary in games or applications. In each audio file that one plays, you must then enter the control to know when the audio time ends. This is:
PlayAudio 2, "explosion.mp3"
Do While isAudioPlaying (2)
Wait 1
Introducing the same commands in each audio is tedious.
I thought it would be useful for the programmer to add another parameter to the PlayAudio command, with which you can indicate if you want the program to pause its execution when the audio of that channel is playing, or if you prefer to continue the sequence of the program while the audio is playing.
For example:
PlayAudio channel, file location, [start paused, left volume, right volume, pause program]
Obviously, if you pause the program until you finish the audio, you should not pause the sounds that are playing on other channels, nor the movements of the sprites.

Thanks for reading my suggestions.