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Author Topic: Place Text module used in the Simple Visual Builder Program.  (Read 718 times)


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Here is a program that will Place a
"Text" string on the screen.

As you move your finger/stylus
around on the screen you will see
a Green Rectangle follow it around.

When you lift your finger or stylus
away from the screen the "Text" string
will be placed in that position.

The program uses the ontouch command.  When action=2 your finger/stylus is being dragged across the screen.

When action=1 your finger/stylus has been removed from the screen and the "Text" string is drawn in the color RED on the screen.

Is there a better way to do this?  I tried to draw the "Text" string only but, it leaves individual pixels that did not get turned off when dragging the "Text" across the screen.  So, I had to use a Rectangle as a cursor until you get to where you actually lift your finger/stylus from the screen and then draw the "Text" string on the screen.

Is there a way to use the game engine
to do something like this?  I have not had the time to read or experiment with the game engine commands.  I would like to learn something about it, especially using it for GUI program interfaces.
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Re: Place Text module used in the Simple Visual Builder Program.
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I tried it our and for me it works fine.
I think, to mix the graphics mode and the game engine mode is not available yet.
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