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Title: Simple Drop Down Menu example.
Post by: 3dmechbot on Nov 14, 2018, 12:37 AM

This is a simple code example of a drop down
Menu with 3 buttons on the top menu bar.

You can select a button and the Menu will drop
down.  When you press a button the drop down
menu will be erased leaving only the Menu
Bar at the top of the screen.

This example was written at a screen resolution
of 2960x1440.

The code filename is:  dropmenu.bas

You will need to put these 3 buttons into
your "Mintoris.Basic/Data/Graphics/" 


The Screen Layout for this Program was
designed using the GUI version of the
Simple Visual Builder program.

You can use this program as a template
and modify it to create a simple drop
down menu for your program projects.