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Title: Simple Visual Builder with GUI for 2960x1440 screen resolution.
Post by: 3dmechbot on Oct 27, 2018, 03:24 AM

Here is an upgraded version of the
Simple Visual Builder with text and
rectangle capabilities.  This version
has a GUI screen with buttons.

The file is named:   SVBGui.bas

The file was last updated on:   11/7/2018

The version number is 1.4

The number of programming lines is:  2714

This program was written using Mintoris on a
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 phone set at a max
screen resolution of 2960x1440 pixels.  The
program does not check to see what the screen
resolution of the device you are using is.  So,
to see all of the buttons on the GUI screen you
will have to run it on a device that has a screen
resolution of 2960x1440.

To use the program select a directory name first
and then select the file name of the graphic image
you want to place on the screen.  You can also
define and place rectangular shapes and text labels
on the display screen.

Below is a picture of the current GUI screen and
the code file SVBGui.bas

Just load SVBGui.bas into one of the Mintoris
programming slots and run it.  You can save
an image of your screen design in the file
mypic.png and you can generate a code
template called myprog.bas that you can
load back into one of the Mintoris program
slots and run it.  You can save/load your current
work to/from 16 different work files called:


You can think of the "work" files as
being used for general purpose designs.
So, you can have up to 8 screen designs
going in parallel at the same time.

You can think of the "template" files as
being used getting a quick start on your
next project.  Maybe you have designed
a particular screen layout that does not
take up all of the available screen space
and you would like to save it and use it
as a "template" for future projects.  You
can save it in one of the "template" files
and load it back in and add to it to
complete a new project when you need
to.  At the file level all of the files follow
the same format so you can save your
work in all 16 file slots.  All 16 file slots
are the same, "work" and "template"
are just a general viewpoint of how to
think about the 16 file slots.  So, save
your unfinished designs in one of these
16 file slots and then you can load your
designs back in at a later time and
finish them up.

When you press the "Save Screen" button
you can save your current screen image
into one of 16 different files named:

mypic0.png to mypic15.png

When you press the "Build Code" button
you can generate a code template for your
current screen design and save it into one
of 16 different files named:

myprog0.bas to myprog15.bas

You can then load the generated file back into
Mintoris and run the generated code.

A "Viewer" has been added to allow you to
view the multiple screen designs that you
have created in a slideshow presentation.
You can select various delay times an can
view a combination of "mypic" files in the
slideshow.   You must remember to create
the "mypic" files ahead of time or you will
get an Error Message.  The "Viewer" can
show up to 8 different screen designs with
a specified time delay between each one.
The default time delay is 1 second or 1000 ms.

When you first start the program "SVBGui.bas"
you must remember to select a File Directory
first before you begin using the program.

All of your Graphic Image files must be placed
in the File Directory that you select ahead of time.
Once you select a directory, this directory will be
used for all files used by the program.

I create all of my Graphic Image files on a PC
Desktop or PC Laptop and transfer them over
to my Android Device using the Android App
"WiFi File Explorer PRO".  This is an excellent
App for transferring files to/from an Android