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Title: Auto riding the sprites in the atlas
Post by: FabianClub on Mar 07, 2018, 01:47 PM
I made a game called Rat Adventures. And for that I used GameEngine. It's amazing how many possibilities it offers. Animation, rotation, movement of funds, collision, distance calculation, etc., etc.
This game has many sprites really, of different sizes.
Imagine, the positions of the main character and all the characters that appear in the game, with their different positions. The graphics of the shots. Sprites that appear in the landscape of the game. Sprites of the prizes. The big bosses. And many more sprites, obviously.
But what complicates the head of the programmer, is to accommodate all the graphics in the atlas. I had to make an atlas of 4096x4096 to have so many graphics and sprites. But since they are all different sizes, it is difficult to make a puzzle so that they can logically enter and not waste space.
It is so complicated to put many graphics in the atlas, that in another development that I did afterwards, I preferred not to use GameEngine, and I only used the common graphic mode and Bitmap Graphics. That makes me very sad.
My question to Chuck is this: Will not there be some method so that the compiler system can auto-fit the sprites in the atlas, taking full advantage of the atlas space?
Thank you very much, Chuck.
Title: Re: Auto riding the sprites in the atlas
Post by: Chuck on Mar 09, 2018, 05:19 AM
First, it's really great that someone is interested in the GameEngine mode. It's super powerful but, kinda hard to use. It just needs some Gui tools. An atlas builder tool is high on my list when I finally get to the GameEngine. I thinking a full screen tool that displays the atlas arrangement. Then you can move the tiles around with your finger with auto-rearranging. When you first import an image to add to the atlas, you will give it a name. Then there will be a way to use that name instead of the atlas coordinates. So arranging, connecting and using the atlases should become automatic.
Title: Re: Auto riding the sprites in the atlas
Post by: FabianClub on Mar 12, 2018, 01:45 PM
Actually, I used two atlas of 4096x4096 each. I used that in the game Rats Adventure. Thank you very much for answering.
Changing the subject, I was thinking something that I want to comment on. The games made with Mintoris that I published in Play Store, have many downloads. If it helps you, I could pass on to you the ANR failures and the process locks reported by the Play Console.

Keep in mind, if you can, that I think it is important that you add a way to include some way that we can open advertisements in games or applications. I guess, some way to open a page, or a link. Also, open the Play Store directly.


I also asked you something here:

Here I shared the applications made with Mintoris and published in Play Store:
Title: Re: Auto riding the sprites in the atlas
Post by: Chuck on Mar 13, 2018, 01:13 AM
All manner of things will be possible once Ver 8 is complete. Hold the error reports till after Ver 8. Everything before will loose all meaning.
Title: Auto riding the sprites in the atlas
Post by: Marietoupt on Oct 19, 2019, 11:46 PM
Re: A cautionary tale why we have the Driving Guidelines

reading that makes you stop a think and think some more, but when your in that moment will most people remember it and slow down.