BigFixDecimal n {,sn}

This command sets the number of decimal places to the right of the decimal point for values returned by Big Decimal functions. Internally Big Decimal functions may use more or less decimal places as needed. This command only affects the values as they are returned.

BigFixDecimal -1 will reset to the default floating point. Functions will return as many decimal places as available.

BigFixDecimal 0 will return all numbers as integers.

BigFixDecimal 1+ sets the number of decimal places to return.

The optional (sn) parameter forces numbers to be formatted in scientific notation.

BigFixDecimal -1,0 (default)

BigFixDecimal -1,1 (force scientific notation)

In the scientific notation mode calculations will take slightly longer to execute. It would be better to do all calculations in the default mode and output your results using the BigSciNot$() function.

Big Decimals

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