Print x|x${,|;}

This command will print its parameters on the text screen. If a semi-colon is used between parameters then no space is inserted between the parameters. If a comma is used between parameters, then 2 spaces are inserted between the parameters. The print output is terminated with a carriage return unless the parameter list ends with a comma or a semi-colon.

Input {prompt$,}x|x$

This command halts execution and waits for input from the user. If the Input is followed by a string variable (Input x$) the user may enter any text character. If the Input is followed by a numeric variable (Input x) then the user may only enter a number.

If the optional Prompt string is specified then that prompt string is printed above the input field. The color of the prompt text is set using


Edit {prompt$,}x|x$

This command works exactly like an Input statement, but the variable is not cleared so that it may be edited by the user.


Input speech and convert it to text.

InputKey x$ {,delay}

This command only works with slide out (hardware) keyboards.

This command halts execution and waits for the user to press a button on the keyboard. The key pressed is returned in x$.
If the optional delay parameter is specified in milliseconds, the program will continue execution after the specified delay. If the user did not press a key in that time an empty string will be returned.


This command can be used after an input or edit to hide the soft keyboard.


Two commands are provided to transfer text to and from the clipboard.


This command allows you to scan barcodes.

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