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Version 7.5.5 Released.

This release contains part of the new upgrade planned for 7.6. So expect a major speed increase in your programs.


Version 7.5.4 Released.

A problem with the Game Engine parallax background pan, zoom and spin commands are fixed in this release.


Version 7.5.3 Released.

A problem with the GetType() function has been fixed.


Version 7.5.2 Released.

The LoadCode$(), SaveCode$(), ItemSplit$() and ItemJoin$() commands have been optimized to run much faster.


Version 7.5.1 Released.

The maximum number of audio channels has been increased to 32.

The Touch and TouchEvent commands have been retrofitted with a buffer that will ensure no touch event is missed.

Problems with the following Game Engine background commands have been corrected.





There were changes to the saveCode$() function. Hash table keys are now sorted. This will allow two saveCode$() trees to be compared.

If SaveCode$(dataStruct01) = SaveCode$(dataStruct02) then

print "Structures are equal"


The actual saveCode$() format has not changed and old records will still be loaded back correctly.


Version 7.5 Released.

A new command has been added to intercept Sqlite exceptions and errors.


The SetAudioLoop command has been fixed.

A problem with the sprite collision detection has been fixed.

Text to Speech will now work in APKs.


Version 7.4.3 Released.

Some minor changes to the reference browser and the LoadCode$() & SaveCode$() functions will now work with object arrays and array elements.

The problem with the final frame of a sprite animation has been fixed.


Version 7.4.1 Released.

Some camera issues are resolved in this release.


Version 7.4 Released.

In response to a brilliant Patron request, a new Camera Video Feed has been added to the Game Engine mode. The Camera Video appears behind all the Game Engine graphics. Looks so cool. Combine this feature with GPS + accelerometer and you can easily write those virtual games that are so popular now.


The Patron system is starting to become rewarding on both sides.

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Version 7.3.4 Released.

I've just released Basic 7.3.4 to fix some other SaveCode$() issues I discovered over night.

Strings and string arrays will now be automatically UTF-8 encoded within the save code. This is transparent to you as the programmer. By encoding the strings as UTF-8 you can have the tab character and any other binary data in a string and it will not affect the save code format.

There was also a problem with the encoding of a sprite's hash table.

Under the hood these commands are complex and recursive, but I think this system is working fairly well now.


Version 7.3.3 Released.

Some LoadCode$() SaveCode$() formatting issues resolved.


Version 7.3.2 Released.

Fixes to some touch related issues.


Version 7.3.1 Finally Released.

Version 7 steps up to it's full power with the addition of the Game Engine mode.

Game Engine Overview

This is by far the largest upgrade that has ever been made to Mintoris Basic. This upgrade includes over 250 new commands, most of which control the new Game Engine mode.

The Mintoris Game Engine is the product of over six years of development. Mintoris Space, the space adventure game also available from Mintoris, shows off the full potential of the Game Engine. Mintoris Space served as a great prototyping tool for the Game Engine. During the integration into Mintoris Basic, the Game Engine was significantly extended and upgraded, many new features were added. Integrating the Game Engine into Mintoris basic took about three months and writing the reference manual for it took about the same amount of time.

Don't be put off by the number of new commands, it only takes a handful to get simple game graphics on the screen. The large number of commands reflects the flexibility of the Game Engine.

If you don't need the Game Engine Mode then just ignore the Game Engine commands and Mintoris Basic will work as it always has (with the following improvements).

A powerful new feature found in this version is the Event Triggered Subroutines. These are regular subroutines that are called automatically by Basic when an event occurs.

Event Triggered Subs

In addition to all the above features, the console user interface has many small improvements. Small things like remembering your place in a file list and finding the source line after an error. These things should all improve the new version 7 console interface.

Expand the main console file list and you will find a new common include folder. When the compiler encounters an include statement, it will first look in the folder the basic source file is in. If it does not find the include file it will then look for it in the new common include folder. This new include folder is a handy place to store include files used by multiple programs.

Misc New Statements

Basic Constants













The Game Engine overview-tutorial is still incomplete. Reference manual updates will be sent out periodically for the next few weeks.


Version 7.2 Released.

A new optional XOR parameter has been added to the Color command. When set to 1 the drawing color is XOR(ed) with the existing color.



Version 7.1.3 Released.

Mintoris Basic now has a minimum Android version of 2.3 (API 9). Older versions of Basic will continue to run on Android 2.2 (API 8) but will no longer receive updates. This change was made in order to support tablets and other newer Android features. Basic must move forward.

For the time being, APK's created from Basic programs will continue to run on Android 2.2 and Higher.


Version 7.1.2 Released.

A problem with the SendEmailAuto command has been fixed. There is new info in the reference about setting up and using the SendEmailAuto command.



Version 7.1 Released.

The Editor enhancements have arrived. Search, Replace, Undo, Redo and Syntax Highlighting.

Good News, the one-touch command reference lookup is back along with one-touch run and save buttons. They are all part of a more dynamic editor UI that sizes and conforms to the current task.


Version 7.0 Released.

Mintoris Basic 7.0 brings a brand new console user interface to the play field. The new main console is now a full feature file browser. Run any program with a single click. Many more functions are just a click away.

The editor upgrade has been moved to 7.1 so that you may begin using these features while the editor is being revamped.


Version 6.7 Released.

The new Export APK Project function makes creating stand alone apps very easy. The apps created no longer require the BasicRuntime app to run.

Watch the forum for new app creation tutorials.

A new command has been added to support speech to text input.


The RmDir command will now delete directories and all their contents. Prior to this release directories needed to be empty to be deleted.


The Rename command will now rename directories as well as files.



Version 6.6.3 Released.

This release fixes a problem with the regular file Eof(n) function. It was discovered that a ReadFileA statement would skip some data at the end of a file if a single CR or LF was used for end of line instead of a CR + LF combination.


Version 6.6.2 Released.

The TakePhotoAuto command will now work on pre-Honeycomb Android devices.


Version 6.6.1 Released.

A problem with the redim statement in subroutines has been fixed.

A crash when the TextWrap command is used in the graphics mode has been fixed.


Version 6.6 Released.

Two new optional parameters have been added to the PlayAudio command to control volume.


A new command has been added to adjust the volume of an audio track while it is playing.


Fixed a crash related to array expressions


Version 6.5.1 Released.

This release fixes a couple bugs in the new Poly drawing command.

The margins around the edit and list windows has been increased to make it easier to touch slide controls.


Version 6.5 Released.

New Graphics commands





New optional parameters have been added to the sort function.


Problems with the assignment of fixed bounded arrays has been fixed.

a(4:4) = b(5:5)

x = a(4:4)


Version 6.4.1 Released.

Fixes a bug where functions are used as array indexes.

x = y(GetBatteryStatus())


Version 6.4 Released.

A set of commands and functions have been added to support USB serial flow control.

USB Serial Flow Control


Version 6.3.3 Released.

Sub-arrays which resolve to a single element (as in a(2:2)) will now return a one element array instead of an array scalar.


Version 6.3.2 Released.

WakeLock Partial

The WakeLock command now has a third option WakeLock Partial. A partial WakeLock allows the screen to blank, but keeps the Basic program running in the background.

A custom highlight color file is now created along with the Jota syntax highlighting file. You may customize the highlight colors by editing the color settings file at /.jota/keyword/user/colorsetting.conf

If you have the latest update and Jota is not displaying the new colors, simply go to the Main Console, Menu->Update Reference.


Version 6.3.1 Released.

Basic will now auto-create syntax highlighting for Jota and Jota+. The command list is generated from the master command index so it will always be up to date. If you have the newest update and syntax highlighting is not working, go to main console menu and update the reference.

An option has been added to the setting to turn off variable auto-initialization.

The data structures copy function has been upgraded to a full deep copy so that complex data structures may be copied.

Minor bug fixes.


Version 6.3 Released.

Array Initializers

Linear Algebra

Data Structures

Line Continuation


Version 6.2.7 Released.

A problem with SendEmailAuto has been fixed.

Several sub-array fixes.

A crash when running Android 2.2 and lower has been fixed.


Version 6.2.6 Released.

A new setting has been added which turns on/off vibration on buttons and list items.

A problem with restarting programs has been fixed.

A few problems with sub-arrays have been fixed.


Version 6.2.5 Released.

A problem with sub-array bound checking has been corrected.

The time function time(y,m,d,h,m,s) has been changed from GMT to local time.



Version 6.2.4 Released.

This release fixes a potential type mismatch problem with some numeric array references.

The getOrientation() function should now be working again.


Version 6.2.3 Released.

This release fixes a type mismatch problem with some string array references.


Version 6.2.1 Released.

Version 6.2.2 Released.

This release fixes a problem with line numbers in 6.2.


Version 6.2 Released.

This release includes powerful extensions to array syntax.

Arrays and Subscripts


A problem with the new graphics screen orientation and a Freeze were fixed in this release.


Version 6.1.2 Released.

This release fixes a problem with Text to Speech.


Version 6.1.1 Released.

This release fixes a problem with the new Run command. Also, the Run command will now be able to run compiled iCode files.


Version 6.1 Released.

The Input and List commands have been changed to popup Dialog boxes so that they both can now be used in all video modes.




The Orientation command has been expanded to work in the Graphics mode.


A new Run program$ command is now available. This command will execute any Basic program.

Run program$

Two new string functions have been added to trim the beginning and end of strings.




Version 6.0.8 Released.

A new log algorithm has been implemented which calulates BigLn$() and BigLog$() much faster.

The Jota+ (Text Editor) may now be selected in the settings as the default program editor.


Version 6.0.7 Released.

BigDecimal functions now accept either a comma or a dot as the decimal separator. Numbers will now be returned from BigDecimal functions with the correct decimal separator for the current locale.

An infinite loop in the BigLog$() function has been corrected. Changes were made to various other BigDecimal functions which had the potential for the same problem.

The BasicRuntime apk has been updated on Google Play to Version 6.0.7.


Version 6.0.6 Released.

Fixes a problem with USB serial.


Version 6.0.5 Released.

After reading that the USB serial library I was using had some bugs, I did some longer duration tests. Sure enough after a few hours of continuous loopback testing a write error occurred which required a reboot to clear. I spent a good deal of time trying to track down the error before I found a newer USB serial library. I switched to the new library and the problems are gone.


Version 6.0.4 Released.

Fixes some issues with USB serial communication.


Version 6.0.3 Released.

This release fixes a problem with the graphics screen ratio.

Version 6.0.2 Released.

This release fixes a problem with the ScreenX() and ScreenY() functions.


Version 6.0.1 Released.

This release fixes a problem with the HtmlLoadData and HtmlLoadFile commands.


Version 6.0 Released.

Don't Panic

This is a major update that which contains exciting new features. Unfortunately there have been some changes to network communication syntax that will require small changes to your programs if you use these obsolete functions.

Obsolete Functions

New Features in 6.0

USB Serial Communication

You are now able to execute Linux shell commands.


A mid$() command has been added to compliment the mid$() function.


New Bluetooth Read/Write commands have been added to give you more control over communication.








Version 5.12.8 Released.

This update fixes a problem in the DrawText command and increases the maximum TextSize to 500.


An error in the index calculation of 4 and 5 dimensional arrays has been corrected.

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