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 on: Jun 26, 2017, 06:52 AM 
Started karl - Last post by cassiope34
better with arrays no !

for i=1 to 5
  if odds(i) = 1 then win(i) = win(i) + 21
next i

 on: Jun 25, 2017, 01:37 PM 
Started karl - Last post by Chuck
if oddsa = 1 then
  wina = wina + 21
  winb = winb + 21
  winc = winc + 21
  wind = wind + 21
  wine = wine + 21

 on: Jun 25, 2017, 10:44 AM 
Started karl - Last post by karl
is their a way the lines below can be shorten to one line

if oddsa = 1 then let wina = wina + 21
if oddsb = 1 then let winb = winb + 21
if oddsc = 1 then let winc = winc + 21
if oddsd = 1 then let wind = wind + 21
if oddse = 1 then let wine = wine + 21

I'm new to programming and I know this program will help me when betting but I do not know shorter codes, I wish I had some help then I know I could create a hell of a program. if anyone can help me please share your feedback.

 on: Jun 23, 2017, 05:39 PM 
Started prometheus - Last post by prometheus
I recently watched this video (
that features two of my favorite mathemeticians(Matt Parker and Hannah Fry) who discuss the distribution of properties in the board game Monopoly. Matt wrote a program in Python that calculated the probability of landing on any property at one time. I decided to recreate this.
Simply run the program, input a number of rolls(I chose 100) and then open the monopoly.csv file that is created in your data folder.
I made a program that simulates a game of Monopoly and is able to determine the probability of landing on a property, and the ROI of the property based on the cost of the property and houses versus the amount of money it generates. The program also includes  the three doubles roll that sends you to jail and Community Chest and Chance cards. I'm sure this won't be interesting to most of you, but I figured somebody might find it interesting. There are also some useful arrays that contain all the information you'd want to know about the properties. Sorry for the long description.

 on: Jun 23, 2017, 05:24 PM 
Started prometheus - Last post by prometheus
This is a terribly inefficient way of calculating Pi, but it's the one I knew how to implement.

 on: Jun 21, 2017, 07:13 AM 
Started iitobane - Last post by iitobane
Bonjour monsieur le Modérateur...

Est ce que Mintoris basic peut utiliser
les fichiers à accès direct (Random)

merci d'avance de votre réponse...

 on: Jun 16, 2017, 08:33 AM 
Started FabianClub - Last post by Chuck
You can publish a free version and a paid version.

 on: Jun 15, 2017, 08:12 PM 
Started FabianClub - Last post by FabianClub
Do not make trouble, Chuck. Rest as much as you need.
I already finished my game, but I am in the test phase and error detection.
I wanted to post it and see if I could make some money. First I was thinking about selling weapons, but I can not compile code to implement sales in the game. Then I thought of putting a free version and another paid with the most powerful and armed character.
But apparently I will not be able to do any of that .... :-)

 on: Jun 15, 2017, 09:25 AM 
Started FabianClub - Last post by Chuck
No, I will have to add some code to make Google play work. I think I will modify the httpload command to open the google play app if it is installed. If it's not installed then you would get the google play web site.

I'm currently on a much needed break from programming. How soon do you need it?

 on: Jun 13, 2017, 07:26 PM 
Started FabianClub - Last post by Chuck
Yes that should work for now.

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