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Basic is an Android app which allows you to create your own problem solving tools.

Using the Basic programming language the full power of your Android phone or tablet is at your command.

Create relational databases with the built-in SQLite support.

Bluetooth serial communications is provided to exchange data with other Android devices, talk to robotics projects or control any Bluetooth serial device.

What's New

Here is a screenshot from a Basic program called Othello Jr. written by Jesse Warford. It can be downloaded from the Basic Forum

Check out the complete
Basic Reference Manual

Basic might be the easiest programming language to learn. Basic came built-in to most personal computers in the 1980's and many people remember writing simple basic programs on their first computer.

Ohms is an electronics pocket utility for the Android 1.6 and later smart phones. It calculates all 12 ohms law permutations and it decodes resistor color codes.

Check out the complete
Ohms Reference Manual